Arduino IDE software

Arduino IDE software can be downloaded for free from There are versions available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. I will be using version 1.0.5 and if for some reason Google code servers are not available, I have mirrored the packages onto this webpage as well.

Operating systemVersionLink
Linux 32bit1.0.5arduino-1.0.5-linux32.tgz
Linux 64bit1.0.5arduino-1.0.5-linux64.tgz
Mac OS

Once you’ve downloaded the suitable package, extract it to preferred destination folder. If you are a Windows user, you need to first install a driver for the Arduino board. Plug in the USB cable from Arduino to the PC and follow the pictures.

Now you can open the Arduino IDE application. Under Tools->Board select the Arduino Uno option and under Tools->Serial Port select the port you identified through Device Manager earlier.

To test the connection, load some demo code by clicking on File->Examples->01. Basics->Blink. Once you press the Upload icon, the code will get compiled and uploaded over USB connection to the Arduino board. If the upload was successful, you should see the orange LED marked as L to start blinking.

If you have problems with the installation or setup, follow the links to comprehensive guides on webpage:

Getting Started w/ Arduino on Windows
Getting Started w/ Arduino on Mac OS X
Installing Arduino on Linux

Now that you have the software installed and ready, you can proceed to the next page.

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