This guide would not exist if determined and very skilled people did not post most of this useful info on AVS forums and help me understand the whole process and put it together from all the bits and pieces. My big thanks goes to clktmr for exposing and sharing the first successful hack of restoring an original MLL on S10 PDP, to MARKONE for successfully repeating the hack on G10 PDP and discovering that the EEPROM is not write protected on G10 models, to krass for helping me with the Arduino setup and saving me from bricking my set, and last but not least to Steve Kuester for revising the guide and helping me fight the scary world of English grammar and punctuation. Also, he was brave enough to volunteer his TV to be the “guinea pig” by following the guide as the first person in the Universe.

paypalIf you feel that this guide deserves more than a word of thanks and insist on providing to me some tangible possessions of this world, the most practical approach would be sending me a small amount of money via PayPal to my address I will appreciate all donations.