Hardware needed

To reset black level back to its original state by following this guide you will need some essential hardware as well as some optional pieces.

  1. The one piece you must have is an I2C bus master device which will be doing the reading and writing to the Panasonic’s A-board EEPROM. The friendliest and amongst the cheapest (and the one I used for this guide) is an open source electronics prototyping platform – Arduino.
  2. Optional (but recommended) hardware is a M24C EEPROM with some resistors, breadboard, and wiring which will be used for testing purposes and are not needed for the actual reset of A-board EEPROM.
  3. And the last optional hardware is:
    1. For 2008 & 2009 models (11G/12G) JST PH male connector for attaching to the Panasonic service connector header on the back of the TV. You can do without it but the whole thing (repeated regularly) is much easier with the connector.
    2. For 2010 models (13G) JST GH male connector. Again, you can perform the reset without it by making alternate connection to the TV, but using the proper connector eases the process and eliminates mistakes with wrong wiring.

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